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Over the last decade, major developers in the UK have turned away from the idea of building bungalows in record numbers. RoyaleLife, under the guidance of Chief Executive Officer Robert Bull , saw a gap in the market for high-quality, single-story homes aimed at those over the age of 45. That simple realization is what allowed RoyaleLife to grow into the largest provider of bungalow living for this age group operating anywhere in the UK today.

Robert Bull’s wasn’t always one that was highlighted by this level of success, however. In his earlier days, he confessed that he suffered from…

RoyaleLife already has a positive reputation as a welcoming place for individuals in later life. In fact, it is now considered the UK’s largest bungalow provider for the over 45s.

This year, CEO Robert Bull has set even higher goals for the organisation, even though it is already well-known for luxury gated communities throughout the region, with developments located in areas from the coast to the countryside.

Part of this effort includes strengthening the RoyaleLife management team by bringing in another housing expert, Tim Simmons, who will work as Business Development Director.

Tim Simmons has been active in the UK’s…

As the chief executive officer of RoyaleLife, the UK’s largest provider of bungalow living for the over 45s, Robert Bull oversees a business bound for growth. As the population ages, more people are looking for a long-term living solution that provides them with comfortable amenities and protects their assets.

The RoyaleLife Model

Bull is a strong believer in helping his customers have both an excellent living experience and the financial flexibility and confidence that their hard-earned savings and equity will stay with them and their loved ones.

RoyaleLife’s Home Part Exchange programme allows customers to retain the full difference between the value of…

Equity release may seem like a good strategy in the short term, but the CEO of the UK’s largest provider of bungalow living for the over 45’s warns that the practice is, for many people, not the ideal financial strategy.

The issue is that while equity release on the face of it saves on payments during the first few years, the longer the agreements last, the more you will end up paying. That means less money is passed on to your loved ones, friends and charitable causes when you pass away.

What Is Equity Release?

Equity release is available to those aged 55 and over and is a series of options that allow you to gain access to the cash that is tied up in your home. …

So, you have reached that next stage in life or you’re nearing it — retirement. Now is the time to reap the rewards of all your hard work and enjoy this new chapter. Maybe you’re looking at taking a holiday, making some renovations to your home or buying a new car. As your offspring leave the nest and head to college or purchase a home of their own, maybe you want to pitch in and help them out with tuition fees or down payments.

An early equity release scheme looks like a great way to make those things happen,or is…

An equity release scheme may seem like a good idea, but it has some significant drawbacks. If this is being considered as an option to help pay for living expenses, it’s important to have a complete understanding of how this decision might affect you and others in the future. Once you know the truth, you may want to think about alternatives that might fit your needs better.

What is an Equity Release?

An equity release is a way to realise the value you have in a property — often your home — and turn it into cash. You need to be over the age of…

The pandemic has forced all of us to reconsider our plans: from work-life balance to family gatherings to one-off dinners, and all points in between. In addition to the daily changes in our lives, we’re also seeing bigger changes that will have an impact for a much longer term.

One of the most important shifts is how people are altering their plans for retirement. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has found that one in every eight workers in their fifties is making significant changes because of COVID-19. …

There are four words Robert Bull avoids at all costs: “I told you so.”

As CEO of RoyaleLife, the UK’s leader in bungalow living, Robert Bull always maintains that being a leader with vision means that, even if you’re able to sometimes see things before others, you’re still part of a team that everyone contributes to.

To back that up he’s fond of saying that RoyaleLife’s 400 employees don’t work for him but work with him. While he has daily check-ins with the company’s various divisional leaders, keeping the company structure as flat as possible is one of his main…

Robert Bull is the Chief Executive Officer of RoyaleLife, the largest provider of bungalow living for the over 45s in the UK. Under his strong leadership, RoyaleLife has revolutionised what’s being called the “Bungalow Lifestyle” — affordable access to luxury, gated communities boasting single storey living in superb locations.

The key to success has been the RoyaleLife’s unique Home Part Exchange Scheme which offers the potential buyer 100% of the current market value of their home. By way of illustration, if their current home is valued at £450,000, and the RoyaleLife bungalow is purchased for £300,000 that will leave £150,000…

Residents of a national bungalow provider have voted for those who have gone the extra mile for their community and deserve to be crowned as a ‘Neighbourhood Hero’.

In a time where the meaning of community has never been more important, the RoyaleLife Neighbourhood Hero initiative saw over 50 nominations from kind-hearted neighbours from developments across the country.

Winners received an engraved trophy, luxury hamper and personalised ‘thank you’ from RoyaleLife, which offers luxury, fully-furnished bungalows for the over 45s in some of the country’s most sought-after locations.

Robert Bull, CEO at RoyaleLife said: “As a nation, it once seemed…

Robert Bull

CEO at RoyaleLife, based in London, United Kingdom | Learn More:

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